The Hall's Long Haul

Tamara & Shawn's RTW Adventure

Where do you start when you want to pack up your life and hit the road?

Do you sell the house, the vehicles and your belongings?  Do you find a renter or leave the house empty?  Do you move into a smaller home and just leave everything in it?

What about jobs? Retire? Quit? Take a leave of absence?

Friends? Family? Pets? What about them?

My pillow!

AND… can you realistically live out of a backpack for six to ten months… at OUR age? (We’re definitely not in our 20s anymore!).  Can we sleep in a different bed every few nights?  Can we cook in someone else’s kitchen with unfamiliar ingredients? Can we negotiate the different countries’ cultures, traditions, taboos and languages?  Can we use transportation systems in a new country when we struggle to figure out the bus system in a Canadian city?  Most importantly – can I live without my pillow!

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