The Hall's Long Haul

Tamara & Shawn's RTW Adventure

Back in Yorkton – no cars (we took off the licenses and stored them away), no home (we rented it out for 10 months), BUT… we’re not empty-handed – we have CANCER! Whoo hoo!

Luckily, though, we are also wealthy with great friends and family. How can we complain? (ok… we can complain a little…). (Ok…I complain a LOT!).

But, in reality, we are so lucky.  If we hadn’t planned this trip, we wouldn’t have gone for our physicals.  If we hadn’t gone for our physicals, we wouldn’t have done the FIT test, and if we hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t have found that lovely, little, BLASTED polyp! So, really, how can we complain?

Finding the polyp when we did has definitely saved me from a lot of grief in the future (it would’ve spread and could’ve ended with a colostomy bag) and maybe even saved my life.  The cancer I have is one of the “good” ones to get, and because we found it early, treatment will be even easier.

From what Dr. Ross said during that fateful phone call, she thought the cancer was contained within the polyp.  That means it probably hasn’t spread anywhere, and I’m  thinking that because of that, we should be good to go as soon as we talk to the oncologist about future check-ups, right? Right?

So, we got home by Greyhound on Wednesday about noon, and the waiting began.  When can we get back to our trip?  When can I talk to a doctor?  When will we get the all-clear?

It has to be soon…. right?



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