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More waiting

So… it feels like we’ve been waiting forever.  We felt since Dr. Ross thought the cancer was contained within the polyp, we’d be safe and good to go as soon as possible, but…. apparently not.

First we got the call saying I had to go for a CT scan of my chest, abdomen, and pelvis…

Thursday, Sept. 7 – Done

Wait… wait… wait for results.

Monday, Sept. 11 – Dr. VH phones – initial reports indicate no cancer anywhere else!  That means we’re safe and good to go as soon as possible, right?

… Apparently not.

Tuesday, Sept. 12 – I get a call from Dr. Meiers’ office, a surgeon in Regina.  I have an appointment on Sept. 25 to get a tattoo... a what?  The doctor needs to do another colonoscopy so she can go back in (ouch!) to mark the spot from where the cancerous polyp was removed.   

I’m confused, but the receptionist can only tell me so much, so I hit dear Google.  A tattoo is usually used during a colonoscopy for two reasons.

  1.  To mark the spot for future “checks” – check to see if more polyps have grown – take another biopsy to see if any cancer cells are present.
  2. To mark the spot for future CUTS!!!! Aaaaahhhhh!!!  The tattoo marks the spot where the surgeon will take a chunk out of your colon or do a complete re-section (cut you apart, take out a piece, and sew you back together again).  Nooooo!

Of course, I’m hoping for the first, but fearing the second.   Time will tell.  Groan! ??‍♀️?



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