The Hall's Long Haul

Tamara & Shawn's RTW Adventure

Stepping out of retirement – that’s what we (I, as Shawn isn’t technically retired yet) want to do. We don’t want to be “seniors” that shrivel up and fade away like the flowers in my backyard. We don’t want to get older and more tired than we already are (and believe me, there are some days when I’ve felt very old and very tired!). We want to actually live life instead of just existing!

We’re stepping it up. We’re stepping up to the plate. We’re stepping out of retirement and into life.

Today marks the start of several first steps – our first blog post, our first long haul across the UK, parts of Europe, Africa and SE Asia and the first part of our new life together.

Our son, Keenan, toasting our new beginnings

Our closets are empty (as is my brain) as we get ready for our wonderful renter, a fellow teacher from a neighbouring school. She will move into our house and look after our fish, our flowers and the house. Her renting the house from August to June will also be an extra incentive to keep us on the road when we (I ) get homesick and want to come home. We won’t have a home to come home to, so we’ll just need to keep going – one step at a time – on the voyage of our life.

Are we stressed and anxious? You bet! The bags under my eyes are bigger than the bags we’re taking on our trip. We’ve spent many a sleepless night, wondering if this is the right thing to do. It seemed like such a good idea two years ago when we first started talking about it. Now – the reality of it is hitting hard. We’re leaving behind stability, comfort, safety, and most important of all, we’re leaving behind our friends and family.

We’re worried most about not being here for Joan, Shawn’s 82 year-old mother. Joan lives on her own, but Shawn visits her every day. She is a strong, fiercely independent woman, but her mobility is getting weaker and most of all, we will miss her.

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