The Hall's Long Haul

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Eleven days left!   Aaacckkk!  This trip seemed so far away for so long, and now, it’s standing

Meme 16

right in front of us – staring us in the face!

It feels like we’ve been moving toward this trip happening for a long time.  We’ve been talking about it for about two years, and I’ve been actively planning it in bits and pieces, for over a year.

Now – with eleven days left, it’s no longer a dream; it’s becoming an exciting, terrifying, exhilarating reality!

We’ve been purging our house of extraneous belongings for quite awhile.  I’ve taken bags and bags and bags and BAGS of clothing and given them to friends, to schools, and to charities, and I still have far too many to pack away.

Initially, we thought we would sell the house, sell the vehicles and get rid of 99% of our worldly goods.  As time went on, though, we realized our house – though bigger than we would ever need for the two of us- would be a good retirement home (mostly one level), and could also generate income for us if we converted the basement back into an income suite.  So, the hunt for a renter is on.

Know anyone who needs a great place for a low rent for the next 10 months? ?

Home Sweet Home

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