The Hall's Long Haul

Tamara & Shawn's RTW Adventure
NOT the Polski bus

We’re on our way to Praha (Prague), 2.5 hours by bus, and then almost 3.5 by train.  We elected to take the Leo Express because it had better reviews than some of its competitors, but I tell you, the Polski bus was a strong contender!  Honestly, if you find time some day, read some of the reviews.  They are priceless.  It’s a very affordable alternative, and though it is recommended for short stretches for the budget traveller, long rides are discouraged.  It is said that leg room is negligible, the bathrooms overflow, and on one trip the two bus drivers got into a physical altercation with a drunken passenger, and the police had to be called!  One passenger said that it consistently smelled of stale sandwiches and old farts!  Oh, the stories we could have told.  : )

As we travel the road to Prague, we pass through miles and miles of beautiful countryside.  Like Saskatchewan, there is a lot of farmland.  Unlike Saskatchewan, the crops often seem to be corn, and the fields are on gently rolling hills, surrounded by forest.  There is SO much green – both in the city (wonderful green spaces everywhere) and in the country. There is much more forestland than I expected.  It makes for a very pleasant (if not totally exciting) journey.

Well, Shawn is sleeping (surprise!), and the bus is quiet.  There’s an English-speaking couple in front of us who sound like they may be taking the next leg with us, too, so I may just lean over and have a quick chat.  My first clue that they were English speakers instead of Polish?  They made eye-contact and smiled as we got on the bus!  (nothing against Polish citizens – they just haven’t been really smiley, interactive people in the limited time we’ve spent with them.)

Onward we go!

Steps to the W.C. (on the ?)

 Step 1 – Find it.
Step 2 – Figure out how to open the door.
Step 3 – Try and get in.
Step 4 – After holding the interior bar tightly and trying to be verrrry careful, exit the W.C. without falling over. ?


Our comfortable train seats with wine ? service to our ? seat!




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    October 13, 2017

    Oh how I wish you had taken the Polski bus! ?

  • avatar image
    Vanessa Farr
    October 15, 2017

    Have sure enjoyed sharing your travels Tammy (Vanessa , Lesleigh’s sis here). You write so well and honestly. Denis and I are headed to Asia on Oct. 28, I’m a bit nervous, so taking comfort in the fact that you are getting along fine. Best of luck in your continued travels!

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