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Sombre Krakow


Holy cow!  There are NOT a lot of happy people here!  So far, 99% of the people with whom we’ve interacted or those we have passed in the street, do not make eye contact, or if they do, they do NOT smile!  Wow!  What a dreary, dismal unhapppy place so far!  Hopefully, that will change over the next couple of days, but I just don’t see it happening during our stay.  People will help you if you ask, but even then – no eye contact – no smiles – not even after an effusive ‘thank you’!

(I did get a quiet grunt from one of them.) ??

The one exception so far was our waitress at supper last night.  She did smile, was very polite, interacted with us, and compared to the rest of the Krakowians so far, seemed to have a sunshine aura all around her.  ☀️

Seeing as we’re going to Auschwitz/Birkenau on Wednesday, I think it will be safe to say our visit to Krakow will not be a happy memory.  Enlightening – yes.  Informative – yes. Sobering – yes, but definitely not happy.  ?

The gargoyle is happier than most people!

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