The Hall's Long Haul

Tamara & Shawn's RTW Adventure
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The Challenge

Shawn and I have been married for 33 years, and with my recent retirement, we decided to take a leap of faith and take a trip across many countries to see the world.  We’re not big travellers; we haven’t been too many places, but we decided we needed to get off of the couch and start LIVING, instead of just existing!

We started planning and saving about two years ago, and at that time, the idea seemed exhilarating, exciting, a wild adventure!  At this point, just before we go, we are often looking at each other and wondering what the heck we were thinking!  My bones ache, my knee gives way, I have trouble sleeping even in our own comfy bed (I won’t even go into Shawn’s woes and worries), so why did we think we could take on over fifteen countries by February?

But – be that as it may – we are off on a wonderful/crazy adventure.  We each have one carry-on backpack and a small personal bag to take us across the world and keep us going for the next six to ten months.

Can we do it?  We’ll find out!